Citizens Association of Georgetown: Nov. 15, 2017


The Key Bridge connects Georgetown to Rosslyn, Va. (Brian Kapur/The Current/July 2017)

There has been some controversy over the proposed architectural lighting of Key Bridge. The D.C. Department of Transportation has sought input from members of the Georgetown community on several lighting schemes that are under consideration.

Our association’s Historic Preservation Committee has recommended that the large span, smaller arches and large Doric pilaster on the piers all should be evenly illuminated in an understated manner, without creating distorting shadows. The light fixtures should be installed in a manner that allows them to be removed with little or no damage to the bridge. Lights should not be extended to pristine landscape and historic settings on the nearby civic buildings, such as those located at the Georgetown University campus.

Our association also has questions concerning the use of colored lights anywhere in the historic district. The Section 106 process required under the National Historic Preservation Act may provide a mechanism for addressing our concerns about colored lights and other issues.

— Bob vom Eigen and Elsa Santoyo