Citizens Association of Georgetown: May 31, 2017

The proposal would replace the West Heating Plant and its adjacent coal yard with luxury condos and a public park. (rendering courtesy of the Levy Group)

The Citizens Association of Georgetown got good news on May 18 with the approval of the West Heating Plant design plan by the Commission of Fine Arts. Other obstacles may arise, including the decision by the Mayor’s Agent for Historic Preservation in connection with the demolition of the three walls of the building. However, even though the West Heating Plant is a contributing building to the Georgetown Historic District, the building is decaying, highly contaminated with hazardous substances and unfit for human habitation. Three walls need to be replaced, along with modifications to the west wall facing 29th Street.

Meanwhile, aircraft noise remains a serious problem for residents along the flight paths through Georgetown and the adjoining communities, and solutions have not been implemented. The Fair Skies Coalition has proposed alternative routes for departures and arrivals at Reagan National Airport, but no consensus was reached by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority and the participants at a recent roundtable. Hopefully, a solution can be reached in the near future, with the revised routing implemented as soon as possible.

— Bob vom Eigen