Citizens Association of Georgetown: June 14, 2017

The Georgetown Waterfront Park’s fountain wasn’t operating during the recent heat wave. (Brian Kapur/The Current/July 2016)

After a mild spring, we have shifted suddenly to an oppressive heat spell. With a dearth of rain, flowers and shrubs need to be watered frequently. The fountain in the Georgetown Waterfront Park is not operating, which eliminates the possibility of showers for the children and for the occasional parents who seek relief from the heat. DC Water has been working on K and Water streets, which may explain why the fountain is not operating. Whatever the cause, we hope that it will be back on soon.

Summer does result in folks traveling to the cooler environs of New England, Canada or similar places. I spent time in New England a few weeks ago, and the comfort spell was very pleasing. Upon returning, we attended the Washington Nationals game on Sunday evening that baked us. We stayed until the last out, but numerous beverages were needed for us to survive. Unfortunately, the Nats lost all three games to the Texas Rangers, which, prior to this series, had more losses than wins. Hopefully, the Nats will get back on the winning side against the Atlanta Braves.

— Bob vom Eigen