Citizens Association of Georgetown: Jan. 31, 2018

The Georgetown Waterfront Park is located between K Street NW and the Potomac River. (Brian Kapur/The Current/July 2016)

The Potomac River stormwater retention tunnel extending along the Potomac River is being studied to determine the impact of the project in and around the Georgetown Waterfront Park. The retention tunnel could be a 100-foot-deep drop shaft in the middle of the park which would have a major construction impact. During construction, the need to temporarily sever the park in two will be highly disruptive for pedestrians and cyclists.

Construction of a diversion structure and a 100-foot-deep drop shaft in the 2900 block of K Street NW could adversely affect traffic in lower Georgetown. The environmental assessment must address the potential impact of disruption, and outline steps that should be taken to mitigate the impacts. The candidate site is directly adjacent to embassy facilities of a foreign government, and that can create a problem by disrupting relations between D.C. Water and the impacted foreign entity. Nothing is simple in engaging in solutions to our sewer challenges.

— Bob vom Eigen