Citizens Association of Georgetown: Feb. 28, 2018

Street parking can be limited on many Georgetown streets. (Brady Holt/The Current/January 2012)

Our group has been working on street parking issues in Georgetown for many years. There are many different categories that need to be addressed. For streets that do not have parking problems, there is no need to regulate them further.

However, there are many streets which have unique problems and need different solutions. Some residential areas do not have parking on both sides of the street, which imposes constraints on the residents who do not have access to parking on their street.

There will be public sessions for the community to explain the transportation department’s proposals to those concerned about parking problems and to discuss options on how to address them. There is no perfect solution for all, but hopefully improvements will reduce congestion in areas where reasonable rules can be enforced and residents will more readily find parking near their homes.

— Bob vom Eigen