Citizens Association of Georgetown: Dec. 6, 2017

Street parking can be limited on many Georgetown streets. (Brady Holt/The Current/January 2012)

Parking has become a controversial issue involving the residents of Georgetown and the businesses near the commercial corridor. Our association has adopted a resolution that supports designating one side only for resident parking where there is parking on two sides of the street, excepting metered spaces.

The Georgetown Business Improvement District is concerned that one-side-of-the street-resident-only parking will adversely impact small businesses that depend on parking availability for their customers whether located within Georgetown or located from neighborhoods outside Georgetown.

The BID claims that on-street parking is a public resource that is maintained and managed by tax dollars contributed by all residents and businesses. If one-side-of-the-street-resident-only parking is adopted, then visitors, contractors and retail customers would have to compete for fewer than half of the existing on-street spaces in Georgetown — eliminating about 2,000 spaces that are currently available to them. There needs to be a compromise.

— Bob vom Eigen