Citizens Association of Georgetown: Dec. 20, 2017

Plans are in the works to spruce up Georgetown's section of the C&O Canal. (Brian Kapur/The Current/May 2017)

The Citizens Association of Georgetown is expressing its support for participating in the Georgetown Heritage Master Plan to revitalize the section of the historic C&O Canal National Historical Park in our neighborhood. We believe that the canal should be returned to its appropriate functionality. Any restoration or new construction within the canal should be undertaken for fiscal and physical sustainability.

Our association has specific priorities and concerns for the canal. Repair of the canal infrastructure should be sustainable. Safety and security of users of the canal should be maintained. Whatever changes are made should not degrade the historic fabric of the canal. We strongly prefer a gravel surface for the towpath over hardscape. We do support plans for the creation of activity centers, such as the proposed Fish Market Square. We strongly support plans to address a dangerous situation at the old aqueduct abutment, but we do hope that security improvements won’t reduce or limit the access to this unique vantage point from the abutment. There are other less significant proposals that will be addressed.

— Bob vom Eigen