Citizens Association of Georgetown: Aug. 23, 2017

Green infrastructure installed in Chevy Chase includes vegetated curb extensions and permeable parking lanes. (Brady Holt/The Current/May 2017)

There likely is no need for green infrastructure to be installed on the west side of Wisconsin Avenue NW, based on the findings of Walter Groszyk, the Citizens Association of Georgetown’s expert on sewers and water in our neighborhood. Such a project would require intrusive construction that would tear up the area’s streets and sidewalks.

The measured overflows are much less than predicted by the model that served as the rationale for installing green infrastructure in western Georgetown. There is sufficient capacity in the main interceptor sewer that originates in Montgomery County and runs along the Georgetown side of the Potomac River. The peak flow capacity of the interceptor sewer at Key Bridge is 44 million gallons per day, and the pumps at the Rock Creek Pumping Station are rated at 50 million gallons per day. The per capita water use in west Georgetown — assuming that 10,000 residents, visitors and workers in west Georgetown use 70 gallons of water a day — would be 700,000 gallons. That is well below the capacity of the existing sewers.

— Bob vom Eigen