Chevy Chase Citizens Association: July 12, 2017

Oregon Avenue NW is seeing road repairs and pipe work. (Brian Kapur/The Current/July 2016)

Our association’s area has been beset by delays in a number of services and projects involving the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

In recent months, service on the E6 bus line, which links our area with the Friendship Heights Metro station, has seen major disruption from construction to replace a large section of 100-year-old sewer pipe along Oregon Avenue NW. (DC Water will host a tour of the sewer project from 9 to 11 a.m. on Saturday, July 15, beginning at Nebraska and Oregon avenues. Hard hats will be provided. RSVP to

In late June, Metro issued a new schedule for the E6 that has many runs starting somewhat later than in the past. The updated schedule is available at

The agency has said it will make printed schedules available, but as of last week, many buses still carried a 2008 version, and the new schedule had not been posted at stops along the route. Some riders report that bus service can be unreliable on midday runs, forcing them to take taxis to reach their destinations on time.

Meanwhile, at Friendship Heights, rail riders must deal with a new round of escalator construction after enduring more than two years of work to replace one escalator. Now, Metro has started a two-year project to replace four more escalators. A warning to those who have trouble with stairs or are carrying luggage: Riders must walk 42 steps down from the bus terminal to the next level below, unless they cross the street to use another entrance.

The agency initially attributed one escalator construction delay to a historic preservation issue. Now it says that was a misstatement, and the problem stemmed from the difficulty of installing cabinets that are required by modern safety codes for new escalators.

A third pending Metro issue is the repeatedly delayed renovation of the dilapidated bus depot just south of Chevy Chase Circle. Officials tell Randy Speck, chair of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3/4G (Chevy Chase), that they now have a rebuilding plan that must be approved by Metro’s board of directors. The agency then will present it to the ANC. Stay tuned.

— Ted Gest