Beach Drive Renovation Moves to Phase 3


Photo: Julie A. Miller/The Current; National Park Service employee makes the switch official

The three-year project to rehabilitate Beach Drive entered its final phase July 9, as the National Park Service reopened the section between Broad Branch Road and Joyce Road, while closing to traffic the section between Joyce Road and the Maryland border.

With the completion of phase 3, the NPS also reopened Morrow Drive, Ross Drive and Ridge Road to vehicle traffic.

The northernmost segment of the road will be closed to drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists until work there is done around fall 2019.

That means the detours motorists have become accustomed to will change to reroute them around the new work zone.

Beach Drive Construction

Drivers will be able to cross Rock Creek Park using Wise Road NW for several months until work crews reach it. For public safety, the NPS will also close some nearby trails.

Bingham Drive will remain closed between Oregon Avenue and Beach Drive to facilitate both the road work and DC Water’s rehabilitation of sewer infrastructure along Oregon Avenue.

The paved trail adjacent to Bingham Drive, which connects Oregon Avenue to Beach Drive, will remain open for pedestrians and cyclists during construction.