Agency extends deadline for proposed Comp Plan amendments

Some residents want the Comprehensive Plan to prevent large developments from imposing upon low-density communities, as critics say occurred at 5333 Connecticut Ave. NW. (Brian Kapur/The Current/April 2017)

In response to calls from community groups, the D.C. Office of Planning has extended the deadline from May 26 to June 23 for submitting proposed amendments to the city’s Comprehensive Plan.

In a release, the Planning Office says it’s already received hundreds of proposals for amendments from stakeholders across the city, and expects to receive hundreds more.

The Comprehensive Plan — the 20-year plan the District government uses to guide future development in the city — includes maps and policies that influence neighborhoods, services and infrastructure. Citizens interested in providing formal feedback to the Comprehensive Plan can find useful materials under the “Propose an Amendment” tab on During the extension period, the project team is available for questions and assistance via email at

The Office of Planning says it has engaged with the public for more than a year on the latest phase of the process, and chose to extend the amendment deadline based on requests from advisory neighborhood commissions and other D.C. community groups.