A Fond Goodbye to 2017, Now On To 2018

Adams Morgan is home to a variety of restaurants, bars and other local attractions. (Current file photo)

By Lee Sturtevant, a long-time DC resident and writer from Cleveland Park.

The annual New Year’s poem has been a tradition at the Northwest Current for more than 20 years. In it, we look back with smiles (and sometimes some questions) at the events – and the people – shaping and contributing to our unique neighborhoods.


Farewell, Two-O-Seventeen.

Carol – and book – back on the scene!

Ceremonies, march have passed.

Focus on our town at last.

Mayor, council: good report.

Charities need our support.

Kudos to this milestone nifty:

Northwest Current just turned 50!


City life is mostly plus.

(It always seems that way to us.)

Rock Creek Park will welcome hikes.

(Just watch out for dockless bikes.)

Soon whatever you might need

You can find at Walter Reed.

Boo! That’s fun. Garage at zoo?

Neighbors ask: “They need that, too?”

Long hot summers – to stay cool

Ward Three argues: “Where put pool?”

Still, our pets can act on whim:

“Doggie Days,” they get to swim.


Changes come to neighborhood.

Some concerned, and some see good.

Landmark? “Yes!” for Fannie Mae.

G.D.S. plan gets “OK.”

Can builders’ wants – and locals’ – mesh

At site of former Superfresh?

Pop-ups pop up. Where’s relief?

Custom zoning for Burleith?

Adams Morgan’s plaza fuss:

ANC says: “It’s for us!”

Dupont cheers its “underground.”

Still, Spring Valley weapons found.

Vacant foreign missions: “Blight.”

Norton: “State Department’s fight.”


Too much noise! Don’t blow leaf.

Also flight paths seek relief.

Locals note, with some frustration,

Hours cut for recreation.

Tortoise speed was slow, but hark:

Renovated Turtle Park!

Is there literary trend?

Library opens in West End.

Cleveland Park: (one for the books!),

Palisades: both get new looks.


Challenging: go “here” to “there.”

Metro’s getting some repair.

Circulator route: expand?

Beach Drive: “Finish!” folks demand.

Dupont: lanes for bikes to ride.

Georgetown asking: park one side?

Safety fixes planned for Mass.

KenCen might get new by-pass.

Ambulance fights traffic:  Bad!

Now G.W. helipad!

Bike or stroll: it will not fail

To please – new Klingle Valley Trail.


Looking for a special treat?

Some place new to shop or eat?

Glover Park gets Trader Joes.

Hungry still? Add Dominoes.

Want fresh kale, corn, dill or sage?

Farmers’ markets are the rage.

On our scene, see who just burst:

Baker (“Best”): our own Bread Furst.

One small tear that we should dab:

Swept away, The Dancing Crab.

City Diner’s patrons mourn

Death of Jeffrey Gildenhorn.


Students flock to Ward 3 schools

(Some evading boundary rules.)

Eaton, Murch: so much demand

Now they upgrade and expand.

Ellington did modernize.

(Bowser says, “Don’t criticize.”)


Welcome, now, Two-O-One-Eight.

Life here we can celebrate:

D.C.’s plusses just keep on.

(Are you listening, Amazon?)

Final line, you know by rote:

We pay tax. We’d like a vote.