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The Current Newspapers
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Washington, DC 20016-0400

Tel: 202-244-7223
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Ad Acceptance Policy

  1. The Current Newspapers reserves the right to reject any advertising or advertising copy at any time for any reason. In any event, the advertiser assumes liability for content of all advertising copy printed and agrees to hold The Current Newspapers harmless from all claims arising from printed material made against any Current Newspaper.
  2. The Current Newspapers shall not be liable for any damages or loss that might occur from errors or omissions in any advertisement in excess of the amount charged for the advertisement. In the event of non-publication of an ad or ad copy, no liability shall exist on the part of The Current Newspapers except that no charge shall be made for the ad.
  3. All advertising that might be mistaken by a reader as news, feature or other non-advertising material, must be clearly marked ADVERTISEMENT.
  4. All advertising is payable in advance unless the advertiser has first established credit with the Publisher. When credit is established, all bills are due and payable by the 20th of the month following purchase. A charge of 2% per month will be levied against all overdue accounts. An additional charge of 35% plus all court and legal fees will be due should the account have to go to a collection agency.
  5. The Current Newspapers assumes no responsibility for errors in advertising copy when copy or camera-ready illustrations are accepted later than deadlines allowing proofs, or when a proof has been sent to the advertiser, his agent, or representative, and in no case for more than the cost for that part or parts of the advertisement in error.
  6. No proofs shown on ads 7 column inches and under. Proofs to the advertiser removes all responsibility for errors or prices or copy from the newspaper when advertisers or agents approve them. No proof will be shown on ads received after stated deadlines. The Current Newspapers assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in ads received after proof deadlines.
  7. Advertising contracts cover a number of insertions within a one year time frame. An advertiser who does not complete a contract schedule will be rebilled at the earned frequency. A rate-holder ad is 3 column inches.
  8. A 5% pre-payment discount is offered to all advertisers who pay for their display ad in advance of its insertion.