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The Current Newspapers
5185 MacArthur Blvd., NW Suite 102
Washington, DC 20016-0400

Tel: 202-244-7223
Fax: 202-363-9850

Site Maintained By Applied Tactics

Software Applications / Programs Compatibility for Advertisements

Applications we use:

QuarkExpress 4.0

We can read any files in MAC platformed Quark. (In some cases, we can read cross platform PC Quark files, but only if they are the same version number as ours. However, text might reflow because of the difference between MAC and PC fonts, so we would like to avoid accepting PC Quark files in general).

Adobe Illustrator 6.0

ATTENTION: If you're planning to send us any QuarkExpress (or Adobe Illustrator) files, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE all the FONTS & the ACCOMPANYING GRAPHICS (either TIFF or EPS files) you used in your Quark (or Illustrator) documents.

Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Any of the following files will be accepted:
EPS, BMP GIF,TIFF, JPEG, PCX, PICT (File & Resource), Pixer, PNG, RAW, Scitex CT, or Targa.

Adobe Acrobat 5.0

We accept camera-ready ads in PDFs; however, we need them to be distilled properly so they can be reproduced onto our papers without any problems. Please make sure to note the following instructions when you (or your designers) convert your layouts into PDFs:

  1. Embed ALL the FONTS.
  2. If your ad is BLACK & WHITE, use GRAYSCALE MODE PHOTOS / GRAPHICS ONLY (or Bitmap Mode for line art.)
  4. Please, Please DO NOT USE RGB COLOR MODE photos, graphics...... anything!
    (Only CMYK or Pantone Uncoated Color for the spot color usage.)
  5. Make sure to check your usage of graphics & fonts before you distill your files. It is very important that your files recognize the locations of all the photos / graphics when you convert them into PDFs.

Microsoft Word & Powerpoint

For texts, graphics, or camera-ready ads only.

We accept any of these digital files listed above thru Zip Discs, CDs, or as e-mail attachments. To submit ads, click here.